Evolving role of SharePoint Admins

During a conference, a Microsoft representative commented on the role of SharePoint admins when organizations gradually make a transition from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint online (Office 365). When asked about future of thousands of SharePoint administrators, his advice was to get involved on the business side and see how SharePoint delivers value to the organization, instead of managing infrastructure. 

Message seems to be very clear that need for SharePoint administration is going to decline drastically. More organizations move to SharePoint online, less demand for administration skills. We experienced it first hand when we got involved in SharePoint online, virtually there was very little to do from infrastructure and farm administration perspective. 

 However, on other side, there would be same (or even more) demand for SharePoint solutions. Since SharePoint has a very broad feature set combining lot of different application categories,  having such platform available on cloud offers new opportunities to design business solutions.  Following are couple of areas where aspiring SharePoint professionals can focus their efforts to keep themselves relevant in the cloud era.  

  • Better User Experience Design (Sites, Portals) to drive adoption
  • Context based solutions combining social and collaboration capabilities and integrating it with CRM, ERP, PLM etc.
  • Next generation portals (employees portal, customers portal, partners) combining cloud and mobile devices support
  • SharePoint App Development
    • SharePoint App Development Model
    • HTML 5 & Responsive design
    • Web Development Skills (.NET or third party platforms)
    • Cloud Based Apps (Auto-hosted, Provider hosted)

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